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Corona did not frighten female founders in 2020

Around 49,400 women founded businesses as their main occupation and 106,500 as sideline occupation.

In the pandemic year 2020, commercial start-ups of individual enterprises fell by around 15%. The decline was somewhat smaller among women than among male entrepreneurs. As a result, the share of women in commercial start-ups of individual enterprises increased slightly in 2020 compared to 2019: from 29.4 % to 30.7 %. Nevertheless, significantly fewer women than men start-up in the commercial sector.

Business as sideline occupation preferred

The situation is somewhat different when it comes to newly founded business as sideline occupation: Here, the number increased by around 10 % – despite the Corona pandemic. The number of businesses founded as sideline occupations is comparable in years 2020 and 2019. Besides, the proportion of women founding business as sideline occupations has remained almost constant (2020: 40.3%; 2019: 40.9%).

Start-up and closure of business

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