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Focus on women's entrepreneurship around the world

How can policy makers support women's entrepreneurship? In the current OECD report "Entrepreneurship Policies through a Gender Lens", researchers from more than 30 countries – including Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter (IfM Bonn/University of Siegen) – show the limitations of current policy approaches and point out the way to more effective policies in the individual countries.

While the gender gap – measured by the share of women and men who are self-employed – has reduced in 25 out of 31 OECD countries between 2000 and 2019, women are less likely than men to be working on a business start-up, for example. Women-operated businesses are also most likely to operate in personal service sectors, retail, tourism, health care and education.

OECD Studies on SMEs and Entrepreneurship