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International research results on women entrepreneurs

Can behavioural differences between male and female entrepreneurs be identi-fied regarding entrepreneurial strategies, the use of resources and business performance? Dr Rosemarie Kay, Dr Sebastian Nielen, Prof. Dr Friederike Welter (IfM Bonn/University of Siegen) explored this question in their presentation "Riddle Solved? Gender Impact on Resources, Strategies, and Firm Performance" at the Diana International Research Conference at the end of May. The IfM president also held one of the keynotes at the two-day virtual conference.

Dr Susanne Schlepphorst, Dr Siegrun Brink and Prof. Dr Friederike Welter showed in their presentation "Being a good girl – forced to behave according to rules?" that social values, norms and expectations indirectly influence the way women entrepreneurs deal with bureaucratic rules and obligations in Germany. The session "Traits to Women Entrepreneurship" was chaired by Dr Susanne Schlepphorst.


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