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Quick return to the new "normal"

In the first weeks of the COVID-19-pandemic crisis, liquidity security represented the greatest challenge for Mittelstand companies from the point of view of business, science and economic policy. "However, Mittelstand companies soon adjusted to the ˈnew normalityˈ. Accordingly, their focus then returned to the challenges of ˈStrengthening innovation and competitivenessˈ, ˈDigitalisationˈ and ˈCovering the demand for skilled workersˈ" reported Dr Annette Icks in mid-April at the virtual meeting of the demography network.

For a special analysis of the "Future Panel for small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)", the IfM researchers had surveyed representatives from business, science and economic policy on the current and future challenges between March and June 2020.