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Guests at the IfM
Resilience of the Mittelstand to crises

Do Mittelstand companies make the German economy more resilient to crises? Prof. Dr. Michael Berlemann (Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg), Dr. Vera Jahn (Ruhr University Bochum) and Dr. Robert Lehmann (Ifo Institute, Munich) analysed this question based on the example of the economic and financial crisis in 2008/09.

Dr Vera Jahn presented the results of her empirical research at the IfM Forum in early June. The results showed that the business situation of Mittelstand companies in the crisis years fell less sharply than that of non-medium-sized enterprises if the criterion of the definition of Mittelstand was applied to the Mittelstand businesses. In contrast, if the entrepreneurs were allowed to decide whether they considered themselves Mittelstand or not, there were no significant differences between the perceived Mittelstand and the non-Mittelstand enterprises with regard to the development of the business situation.