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Takeover versus start-up

 Around 2,300 companies in Hessen are handed over every year. At the 5th Succession Day of the Hessian advice centre for business founders and entrepreneurs "jumpp" and the Hessian Trade Association, Dr Rosemarie Kay gave a keynote speech on the challenges and opportunities of business transfers from the point of view of the transferors and successors.

She also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a takeover compared to starting a business from scratch. At first glance, setting up a new business might seem easier to realise. The advantage of a takeover, however, is a significantly reduced risk of failure, because central problems of a start-up do not occur to the same extent in a company that is established on the market. As an example, she mentioned the acquisition of customers and the recruitment of skilled workers.  

Dossier “Business succession in family businesses”