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Guests at the IfM
The potential of crowdworking

Does platform work represent a relevant source of finance for the self-employed? Prof. Dr Hans J. Pongratz (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich) examined this question in his presentation "Platform work as source of income for the self-employed" at the virtual IfM Forum at the beginning of June. He began by pointing out the difference between crowdworking and gig work: on crowdworking platforms, the work of the self-employed is done digitally, independent of location, and feedback is given afterwards. In gigwork, the platform places work orders with the self-employed at a specific location.

Crowdwork is only a small phenomenon in Germany: it is usually used only as a sideline activity. Significantly more orders on global platforms go to workers in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan due to the lower hourly wages.