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TOP position of Professor Welter in the F.A.Z economist ranking

Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter (IfM Bonn/University of Siegen) has improved her ranking by 5 places in the F.A.Z. ranking of the most influential economists in Germany compared to the previous year: she is now in 16th place. The first three places are occupied by Prof. Dr. Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), Prof. Dr. Clemens Fuest (Ifo Institute) and Prof. Dr. Marcel Fratzscher (DIW Berlin).

Her research activities were the main reason for the good position within the ranking. In recent months she has published numerous articles and, together with renowned co-authors, the books "Contextualizing Entrepreneurship Theory" and "A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship Policy". "I am also pleased that this is once again an award for the research on small and medium-sized enterprises conducted by the Institute for SME Research and the University of Siegen," said Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter, commenting on her good position in the F.A.Z. economists' ranking.

The ranking of "Germany's most influential economists" only takes into account economists who have made a particularly strong scientific impact in the past year and who present their research results in the media and on Twitter. At the same time, their publications and advice must be valued by those responsible in politics.


Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter
Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter