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External publications Freelance start-ups with employees are more stable

In the liberal professions, 57.7 out of 100 newly founded companies with at least one dependent employee in 2015 were still on the market in 2020 - in contrast, only 46.6 were based on the economy as a whole. Freelance start-ups with employees in the medical field proved to be the most stable (69.4), followed by the technical and scientific fields (53.3) and the legal, tax and business consulting field (52.5). Only in the cultural sector were freelance start-ups below the average for the economy, with a value of 38. This is the result of the latest study, "Survival Probability of Start-ups in the Liberal Professions", conducted by the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn on behalf of the Bundesverband der Freien Berufe e. V. (BFB).

The IfM researchers regularly examine the stability of companies in the various sectors of the economy.