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Press release Mittelstand Future Panel: skilled workers shortage remains most significant challenge

IfM Bonn: focus has shifted from "innovation and growth" to "energy supply" and "inflation"

Mittelstand company managers have named the increasing shortage of skilled workers as their biggest challenge for the second year running, followed by "climate change and sustainability", "energy supply and security", "digitalisation", and "inflation/crises". In contrast, given the geopolitical crises, the challenge of "innovation and growth" is perceived far less as a burden. These are the results of the "Future Panel Mittelstand" survey that more than 1,000 managers participated in.

"In the course of our survey, the topics 'energy crisis' and 'inflation' have gained more attention among managers. Nevertheless, the 'shortage of skilled workers/demographic change' remained their most concerning challenge. For some managers, this challenge has already become an existential question given the digital transformation and the conversion to a climate-neutral economy," reports Dr Annette Icks, study director.

But even non-Mittelstand companies now see the lack of skilled workers and demographic change as their greatest challenges. This was not yet the case in the last survey for the Future Panel Mittelstand in 2021. Mittelstand company managers are aware of the need to increase their attractiveness as an employer and focus more on training and further educating their workers.

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