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Germany's SMEs are larger than those in other EU Member States

Lower SME employment share in knowledge-intensive services than the EU average

10.09.2020. Germany has fewer micro-enterprises (maximum of 9 employees) but more small (maximum of 49 employees) and medium-sized enterprises (maximum of 249 employees) than other EU Member States. Overall, the average…


After the acute corona phase, the gaze is directed forward again

"New normality" is now part of everyday life in most Mittelstand businesses

Mittelstand businesses have largely adjusted to the "new normal" due to the Corona crisis. Accordingly, the new evaluation of the "Mittelstand Future Panel" shows that challenges of "strengthening innovation and…


What the Corona crisis currently means for the Mittelstand sector

Representatives from science, business and economic policy discussed the current economic situation at the first digital round table for Mittelstand businesses

"It is very positive that the successive restart of the economy is not oriented towards the companies' value-added contribution, but…


How Mittelstand businesses can best survive the coronavirus pandemic

IfM Bonn warns against unequal treatment of companies

The exit of the various sectors of the economy from the current shutdown must consider the time needed for companies to restart, their integration into (inter)national value chains and the everyday needs of consumers. Under no circumstances…


The decisive factor for Mittelstand businesses is the duration of the economic restrictions

IfM Bonn welcomes immediate measures for Mittelstand businesses

"In this difficult economic period, the German government has sent a very positive signal with its comprehensive support measures for both large corporations and Mittelstand businesses. Also the focus on the solo self-employed is…