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IfM-Background-Paper | 2020
Comments of the IfM Bonn on the economic recovery, crisis management and future package

The German government supplemented measures to the Covid 19 emergency aid package in the spring of 2020 with the Economic Recovery and Crisis Management Package in June 2020 to revive the economy and preserve jobs in the long term. The Background Paper examine SME-relevant measures of the Economic Recovery and Crisis Management Package with regard to their general suitability for revitalising SMEs and point out possibilities for improvement..

Welter, F.; Wolter, H.-J. (2020): Anmerkungen des IfM Bonn zum Konjunktur- und Krisenbewältigungs- sowie Zukunftspaket, IfM Bonn: IfM-Hintergrundpapier, Bonn.


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