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IfM-Background-Paper | 2020
Preliminary assessments of the IfM Bonn on the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the “Mittelstand” businesses in Germany

In the past, the German “Mittelstand” businesses has proven to be stabilizing in times of crisis, due to their stronger long-term orientation compared to management-led companies, but also due to their overall lower dependence on foreign markets. But the current crisis is different from the previous ones. The author explain in this background-paper what can be done to support SMEs in such a way that they can contribute to maintaining economic cycles during and after the corona pandemic.

Welter, F.; Wolter, H.-J., Kranzusch, P. (2020): Vorläufige Einschätzungen des IfM Bonn zu den wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen der Coronaviruspandemie auf den Mittelstand, IfM Bonn: IfM-Hintergrundpapier, Bonn.


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