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Cross-sectional projects | 2021
Entrepreneurship during the Corona Crisis

Laufendes Forschungsvorhaben

Initial situation/problem

In times of crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises can have a stabilising effect, even though they come under pressure. However, the intensity and scope of the consequences of the Corona pandemic on and for small and medium-sized enterprises cannot yet be fully assessed.

Research objective/approach

The project aims to continuously and promptly analyse SMEs' opportunities and challenges in the current global crisis. The research is designed as a multi-year project and as a cross-sectional theme to the existing programme areas. In 2021, a particular focus will be on crisis management and resilience in SMEs. Based on an evaluation of current (international) studies and our case studies, environment-, company- and person-related influences on entrepreneurial resilience will be identified.


Annette Icks
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Hans-Jürgen Wolter
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