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Cross-sectional projects | 2021 Entrepreneurship during the Corona Crisis

Abgeschlossenes Forschungsprojekt

Initial situation/problem

In times of crisis, the Mittelstand can have a stabilising effect, even though they themselves come under pressure. It is, however, yet not possible to assess the intensity and scope of the consequences of the Corona pandemic on and for the Mittelstand in their entirety.

Research objective/approach

This project aims to analyse the opportunities and challenges for the Mittelstand in the current global crisis on an ongoing and timely basis. The research is designed as a multi-year project and as a cross-cutting theme to the existing programme areas. In 2021, a particular focus will be on crisis management and resilience in Mittelstand enterprises. Based on an evaluation of current (international) studies and our case studies, environment-, company- and person-related influences on entrepreneurial resilience will be identified.