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Statistical Data on SMEs and continuous economic monitoring

Studies in our programme area "Economic monitoring" address the situation, development and overall economic significance of the Mittelstand and SMEs. In this regard, the IfM Bonn conducts its own surveys, such as the "Zukunftspanel Mittelstand" and designed an own indicator measuring regional entrepreneurial activity in Germany, the "NUI Regionenranking".

4 Results


Ongoing economic monitoring | 2022 The volume and distribution of company sales

To date, business succession took place mainly within the family, while sales to members of the company's workforce, executives of other companies, or companies have been of lesser importance.


Ongoing economic monitoring | 2021 Updating of data and facts relevant to the Mittelstand

One of the permanent tasks of the programme area Current Economic Monitoring is to determinate and prepare data and facts specifically considering start-ups and enterprise sizes

Ongoing economic monitoring | 2021 Business succession Business life cycle Family business

Due to the lack of official statistics, the IfM Bonn has been estimating the number of forthcoming business transfers in Germany in regular intervals since the mid-1990s.


Ongoing economic monitoring | 2019 Further development of IfM Bonn foundational statistics

Start-up statistics by the IfM Bonn are one of the most important sources of data on start-ups in Germany in terms of reliability and coverage.