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Facts and figures | 2022 The role of family businesses and female-led family business in the economy

The IfM Bonn has been estimating the number of owner-managed enterprises (family busi-nesses) and the number of female-led family businesses repeatedly since 2001. Our current estimation concludes that around 3.2 million or roughly 90 per cent of all enterprises in Germany were family businesses in 2019. 591,000 or 18 per cent of these family businesses were under female leadership. Family businesses were responsible for around 37 per cent of all sales and for 56 per cent of all employees subject to social security contributions.

Fels, M.; Wolter, H.-J. (2022): Die volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Familien- und Frauenunternehmen, IfM Bonn: Daten und Fakten Nr. 28, Bonn.


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