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Die Denkpapiere des IfM Bonn stellen eine kompakte Aufbereitung einzelner Studien dar. Ziel ist es, kurz und prägnant konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen für die Wirtschaftspolitik zu geben.

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Denkpapiere | 2019
Chinese Direct Investments in Germany: Opportunities and Risks for SMEs

With its many (medium-sized) technology leaders, Germany is increasingly attracting the interest of Chinese investors.

Denkpapiere | 2019
The Renaissance of Protectionism: Impact on SMEs

This article examines the challenges facing internationally active SMEs in an environment increasingly characterized by trade policy conflicts and uncertainty.

Denkpapiere | 2019
Company succession by employees - opportunities and risks

Between 2018 and 2022, the IfM Bonn estimates that every year around 30,000 family businesses in Germany will be faced with a succession issue.

Denkpapiere | 2018
Culture of entrepreneurial independence

In the context of this paper we examine the concept of the culture of entrepreneurial autonomy and how it can be influenced by economic policy actors. The culture of entrepreneurial autonomy is a cognitive-normative institution.

Denkpapiere | 2018
Digital business models - opportunities and challenges for medium-sized businesses

In order to remain competitive in the long term, medium-sized companies must regularly examine the extent to which their own business model could be digitally vulnerable.

Denkpapiere | 2018
Potential of real laboratory research for economic policy

Real laboratories are becoming increasingly popular in science and politics. This article describes the conceptual basis and the process of real lab research.

Denkpapiere | 2018
Social entrepreneurship

In this paper we systematize the central characteristics of social entrepreneurship and make clear that the term is already conceptually classified.

Denkpapiere | 2017
Use of cloud computing in manufacturing industry

Increasing digital networking is fundamentally changing the value-added process in the manufacturing industry. The challenges are even greater for SMEs than for large companies, as they have comparatively less access to their own IT resources. Cloud computing is an important technology for organizing networking.

Denkpapiere | 2016
Sharing economy and middle class

Sharing economy as a culture of sharing is not a new phenomenon. What is new, however, is the speed and range with which transactions are now possible.