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In these publications, you will find a short and illustrative presentation of the most important research results of specific study projects.

10 Results

Chartbooks | 2024 More trust, please! How bureaucracy can be reduced from the point of view of companies

Despite the efforts of politicians to reduce bureaucracy, companies are perceiving an increasing burden of bureaucracy.

Chartbooks | 2023 How Hidden Champions in the manufacturing industry use artifical intelligence

Germany is home to the most Hidden Champions in the world. To maintain their market leadership, they have to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) applications and technologies into their business models.

Chartbooks | 2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) – spread, challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing industry

The question of how companies can use artificial intelligence (AI) for their purposes is becoming increasingly pressing.

Chartbooks | 2023 How companies in NRW cope with climate change

Climate change is affecting North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) - one of Germany's largest and most densely populated federal states.

Chartbooks | 2023 Mittelstands Future Panel: The Future Panel 2023: Increased competitive pressure challenges companies

For the third consecutive time, both medium-sized and non-owner-managed companies cited the shortage of skilled workers as their biggest challenge. The current survey also shows that the dominance of "competitive pressure" as a challenge.

Chartbooks | 2022 The income situation of hybrid self-employed. Analyses with the Taxpayer Panel 2001-2016

In order to find evidence for assessing the capacity of hybrid self-employed for old-age provisions, we analyse the level and composition of their income on the basis of the Taxpayer Panel. We find that nine out of ten hybrid self-employed earn their main income from dependent employment.

Chartbooks | 2022 Zukunftspanel 2022: Klima und Energie gewinnen als Herausforderungen an Bedeutung

As part of the Zukunftspanel Mittelstand, companies were asked for the fourth time what challenges they are currently facing – and what they expect to face in the future.

Chartbooks | 2022 Challenges for the manufacturing sector in Germany industry and reactions of the Mittelstand

The shortage of skilled workers represents the greatest challenge for medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector, followed by challenges such as digitization, competitive pressure and the ability to innovate.

Chartbooks | 2020 The sucess of Business Foundations of Scientists in the Corona Pandemic

Within our study on the founding behavior of female scientists at German universities we analysed the effects of the current corona pandemic on the willingness to found a company and on the success of business foundation.

Chartbooks | 2020 Challenges of the German Mittelstand during the corona pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures associated with it pose particular challenges for German SMEs. The IfM Bonn has examined these challenges within the framework of a special edition of the survey “Zukunftspanel Mittelstand“.