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In these publications, you will find a short and illustrative presentation of the most important research results of specific study projects.

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Chartbooks | 2022
Challenges for the manufacturing sector in Germany industry and reactions of the Mittelstand

The shortage of skilled workers represents the greatest challenge for medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector, followed by challenges such as digitization, competitive pressure and the ability to innovate.

Chartbooks | 2020
The sucess of Business Foundations of Scientists in the Corona Pandemic

Within our study on the founding behavior of female scientists at German universities we analysed the effects of the current corona pandemic on the willingness to found a company and on the success of business foundation.

Chartbooks | 2020
Challenges of the German Mittelstand during the corona pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures associated with it pose particular challenges for German SMEs. The IfM Bonn has examined these challenges within the framework of a special edition of the survey “Zukunftspanel Mittelstand“.