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Framework conditions conducive to SMEs

The studies in this research area examine which legal, political and regional framework conditions support SMEs in their transformations. Closely linked to this is the question of how the regulatory framework should be designed for the future in order to maintain and strengthen the national and international competitiveness of SMEs.

3 Results


Mittelstandsförderliche Rahmenbedingungen | 2024 Practice Checks for Medium-Sized Businesses

The federal government aims to relieve businesses by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy. The current coalition agreement (p. 26) outlines the intention to "develop a systematic procedure for reviewing the bureaucratic effort of laws and regulations, involving stakeholders regularly (practice check)."


Mittelstandsförderliche Rahmenbedingungen | 2024 Impacts of the reform of procurement law on SMEs

In Germany, the public sector is one of the largest purchasers of goods, services, and construction services, with estimated annual expenditures of around 500 billion euros (cf. OECD 2019).


Mittelstandsförderliche Rahmenbedingungen | 2024 Regulatory framework for a future-oriented SME policy

The Climate Protection Act mandates that Germany be net greenhouse gas neutral by the year 2045. To achieve this goal while ensuring economic competitiveness, the coalition agreement envisions, on one hand, the establishment of suitable framework conditions and, on the other hand, the implementation of targeted impulses by the public sector.