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These publications offer a brief but nevertheless comprehensive analysis of current events in SME policy.

14 Results

IfM-Background-Paper | 2023 Technology-open and broad-based R&I support - Assessement from the perspective of economic theory and economic policy

Innovations are important for the growth of an economy and their insitutional support is an integral element of innovation policy in Germany.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2023 Climate risks from a company perspective

Against the backdrop of worsening climate change, companies are increasingly confronted with a range of risks such as extreme weather events.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2022 Commercial start-ups and company closures 2021 - ambiguous trends

The first half of 2021 was still characterized by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the lockdowns have hardly had any impact on the scope of start-up activities, which have returned to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2022 The Impact of the war in Ukraine on Mittelstand companies

The war in Ukraine, which has been going on since 24 February 2022, has not left Germany untouched.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2021 Commercial start-ups and company closures in the first half of 2021 - The effects of the pandemic continue to weaken

The first half of 2021 was still characterized by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the lockdowns have hardly had any impact on the scope of start-up activities

IfM-Background-Paper | 2021 Mittelstand policy during and after the Covid 19 pandemic

During the pandemic, Mittelstand policy is above all a policy of acute crisis management for the Mittelstand economy.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2021 Commercial start-ups and company closings in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has a significant impact on economic activity in Ger-many. In view of the poor business prospects, the number of market entries (start-ups) should have decreased and the number of exits should have increased.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2021 Perspectives for Mittelstand businesses in the Covid-19 pandemic. Part 2: Challenges for Mittelstand Enterprises

The pandemic has been posing great challenges to Mittelstand businesses since spring 2020. While the focus was initially on the economic restrictions, over time the social and individual effects are also coming into view.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2021 Prospects for SMEs in the Covid 19 pandemic. Part 1: Challenges for SME policy

The demands of business associations and SMEs for a perspective on opening up the currently closed sectors of the economy are becoming louder and louder at the beginning of the second Corona pandemic year.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2020 The corona pandemic as a chance for a forward-looking EU Mittelstand policy

The European Single Market is by far the most important sales and procurement market for Mittelstand businesses. Its harmonised regulatory system reduces transaction costs and gives companies access to a larger overall market.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2020 Exit from the shutdown – how the "Mittelstand" businesses can optimally survive the coronavirus pandemic crisis

Mittelstand businesses in Germany are not only of great economic importance, but within the framework of the social market economy, they also fulfil an important stabilising function for social cohesion.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2020 Preliminary assessments of the IfM Bonn on the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the “Mittelstand” businesses in Germany

In the past, the German “Mittelstand” businesses has proven to be stabilizing in times of crisis, due to their stronger long-term orientation compared to management-led companies, but also due to their overall lower dependence on foreign markets.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2020 Comments of the IfM Bonn on the economic recovery, crisis management and future package

The German government supplemented measures to the Covid 19 emergency aid package in the spring of 2020 with the Economic Recovery and Crisis Management Package in June 2020 to revive the economy and preserve jobs in the long term.

IfM-Background-Paper | 2018 60 years of IfM Bonn. 60 years of scientific research on Mittelstand

The Institut für Mittelstandsforschung was established as a foundation in December 1957. Research activities began in the spring of 1958.