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IfM-Materialien | 2022 The societal value creation of German Mittelstand

This study explores the societal impact of Mittelstand companies and how it is achieved in a process of collaborative societal value creation. Regional communities perceive different aspects of societal impact, depending on local problems. Economically poorly positioned regions equate it with the economic contribution; if regions are economically well positioned, the awareness of the indirect impact on the regions increases. A considerable part of the societal impact of Mittelstand companies arises from the interaction with other regional actors, with changing roles of the actors. Prerequisites for this collaborative societal value creation are regional networking and shared regional identities that is reflected in collective narratives on regional development. The exchange between structurally weak regions, now strong Mittelstand regions, and those undergoing structural change provides new impulses for the diverse roles and contributions of Mittelstand companies.

Schlepphorst, S.; Welter, F.; Holz, M. (2022): The societal value creation of German Mittelstand, in: IfM Bonn, IfM-Materialien Nr. 292, Bonn.


Dr. Susanne Schlepphorst
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