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IfM Research Fellow Network

The internationally oriented IfM Research Fellow Network offers its members a platform for regular exchange on current research topics, the opportunity for guest residencies and research collaborations. The institute also provides access to scientific data.

Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller

KMU-HSG, Universität St. Gallen / Member of the Research council IfM Bonn


  • Führungskompetenz von KMU
  • Konsequente Kundenorientierung
  • KMU und Ästhetik


Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller is full professor of management with a special focus on small, dynamic enterprises at the University of St. Gallen. For already more than twenty years, he is Director of the KMU-HSG, since 2021 also Vice-President for "Institutes and Executive Education" at the University of St. Gallen. In addition, Prof. Fueglistaller serves as accompanying professor of the isc team (St. Gallen Symposium). He was a member and Chairman of the Scholarship and Loan Commission, a member of the Appeals Commission for ten years, Vice Dean of the School of Management at the University of St. Gallen and Co-Director of the Master's programme in Marketing at the HSG.

His research focuses on leadership, consistent customer orientation and business aesthetics - all related to SMEs. He is also the founder and former organiser of the Swiss SME Day, an event that is very popular with well over 1,500 participating managers from SMEs in the DACH region every year.

In addition to his university activities, Urs Fueglistaller attaches great importance to building bridges to practice. He is active on various boards of directors (roughly equivalent to a supervisory board under German law) and maintains daily contacts with local entrepreneurs. He is convinced that a connecting dialogue between theory and practice is fruitful and constructive.