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External publication | 2024 Transformative R & I policy using the example of new technologies in agriculture and social innovations

The transformation of economy and society requires far-reaching technological and social innovations. To utilise the economic opportunities of transformation and to mitigate the negative effects of structural change, a determined transformation-oriented R&I policy is needed. Using the example of new technologies in agriculture, it is shown how innovations can support the transformation towards greater sustainability. Furthermore, we analyse the role of social innovations as a cross-sectional instrument in managing the transformation and how policy makers can promote them

Bertschek, I.; Bünstorf, G.; Cantner, U.; Häussler, C.; Requate, T.; Welter, F. (2024): Transformative F & I-Politik am Beispiel neuer Technologien in der Landwirtschaft und sozialer Innovationen, in Wirtschaftsdienst, Heft 4, S. 225-229.



Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friederike Welter
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