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Research in the programme area "Enterprise development" analyses the conditions for the emergence of new businesses as well as the determinants of firm growth and transfer of companies. The broad spectrum of this programme area comprises four specific research fields, i.e. start-up research, internationalisation, company succession and growth thresholds (including business restructuring and insolvencies).

Start-up research examines all start-up-relevant research questions, from the decision to start a business to the success of a start-up.

3 Results


Start-up research | 2022 Start-ups by minors - their prevalence, characteristics, and as routes to employment

Start-ups founded by minors only play a minor economic role. At the same time, for many years, various initiatives sought to introduce schoolchildren to the idea of entrepreneurship and encourage them to (later) start a business.

Start-up research | 2020 Founding success of scientists at German universities – a longitudinal study

Innovative, knowledge-intensive start-ups are regarded as the engine of economic growth and technological progress. In this context, the transfer of knowledge from universities through the founding of companies by scientists plays an important role.

Start-up research | 2019 Neugründungen in zukunftsträchtigen Branchen und ihre Entwicklung

Mit der Energiewende und der digitalen Transformation vollziehen sich seit einigen Jahren im Sektor der erneuerbaren Energien sowie im Bereich der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien zukunftsweisende Veränderungen mit Folgewirkungen für die gesamte Wirtschaft.