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The IfM Bonn is a member of the vibrant national and international research community and contributes to scientific discussions.

We welcome researchers worldwide to present their projects and (first/preliminary) findings at the IfM Bonn. We kindly invite you to arrange an appointment with forum(at) Also, online presentations or video conferencing are possible. Please note that travel and accommodation costs can not be refunded.

1. Februar 2021
Arthur Korus: Project presentation"FinTechs: Chancen für den deutschen Mittelstand?"

1. März 2021
Internal ideas workshop

15. März 2021   
Karl Hofmann, Universität Siegen: "The digital transformation of incumbent firms: Empirical evidence from Germany"

3. Mai 2021
Peter Kranzusch, IfM Bonn: "Einkommen von Selbstständigen"

17. Mai 2021
Dr. Faisal Saeed Malik, Universität Siegen: "Terrorism, Corporate performance and business strategies: presence, impact, and future #2

7. Juni 2021    
Prof. Pongratz, Uni München: "Selbstständige auf Plattformen (Klickworker)"

20. September 2021
Prof. Ute Stephan, King’s College London: "New outcomes and new methods in entrepreneurship research: Understanding and Researching Entrepreneurial Well-Being and Recovery"

18. Oktober 2021
Dr. Maribel Guerrero, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University: "Linking the 4E's: Entrepreneurship, Ecosystems and Emerging Economies"

2. November 2021
Dr. Christian Schröder, IfM Bonn: Digitization of SMEs in the manufacturing sector - follow-up study

15. November 2021
André Pahnke, IfM Bonn: Family business successions between desire and reality
Prof. Dr. Jana Schmutzler, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla/Kolumbien: An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Informal Economy - The case of the Champeta Music in Colombia

6. Dezember 2021