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IfM Research Fellow Network

The internationally oriented IfM Research Fellow Network offers its members a platform for regular exchange on current research topics, the opportunity for guest residencies and research collaborations. The institute also provides access to scientific data.

Prof. Julia Rouse

Manchester Metropolitan University - Centre for Decent Work and Productivity

Research fields

  • Engaged Scholarship and Engaged-Activist Scholarship
  • Developing enterprise ecosystems to support decent self-employment
  • Women's enterprise
  • Raising people management skills in small businesses
  • New venture creation theory
  • Realist evaluation


Julia Rouse is a leader in the Decent Work and Productivity Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University and heads the Sylvia Pankhurst Gender and Diversity Research Centre. Julia works with colleagues from across a range of disciplines to think about the future of work and how to create 'decent work', particularly for women. Julia works from a critical realist and feminist ontology and is interested in developing socio-cultural explanation of new venture creation and enterprise policy and informing more empowering policy development. This has led her to take a particular interest in Covid19 policies for the self-employed.

Julia is passionately committed to putting research to work in policy and practice and is developing an Engaged-Activist Scholarship method. She is the Director of a large multi-partner project called The Good Employment Learning Lab ( funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. This tests methods of raising people management capability in small firms and the effects of this on good work and productivity. She also leads the Engaged Scholarship Learning Lab. Julia is Chair of the Women's Enterprise Policy Group ( and she founded the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship's Gender and Enterprise Network.