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Participation in external events Rethinking the regulatory strategy is required

What should happen so that bureaucracy is gradually reduced and no longer perceived as so emotionally charged? How fast can bureaucracy be reduced? In a panel discussion entitled "Too slow, too inflexible, barely digital - what should the future of bureaucracy look like?" organised by the Walter Eucken Institute and the Forum Ordnungspolitik e.V. in Freiburg at the beginning of March, Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Friederike Welter (IfM Bonn/University of Siegen) explained why a rethink is needed both in terms of regulatory strategy and concerning the reduction of bureaucracy.

At the same time, the IfM President highlighted to the approximately 90 audience members that reducing bureaucracy is a continuous, iterative process that must be constantly adapted to changing conditions. "That's why you can't expect quick solutions," said Professor Welter.

IfM Position Paper