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Press releaseDespite the ongoing pandemic, more there were start-ups in 2021

While the pandemic continued to pose significant challenges to some sectors of the economy in 2021, such as businesses with customer-facing and providers of personal services, the number of start-ups rose by 1.4% to 336,000 in 2021. Nevertheless, the numbers did not yet reach the pre-pandemic level.


Press releaseNeeds of the German Mittelstand amid the social-ecological transformation of market economy

"Together with the Mittelstand companies, we want to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. That is what we are working towards. We will facilitate that companies can use their self-produced renewable electricity. This will reduce their costs and help them achieve the goal of using 80 per cent …


Press releaseHow state support works in the crisis

The various Covid19 support packages have had the anticipated stabilising effects on many solo self-employed workers and small entrepreneurs. Direct payments such as the Überbrückungshilfe and the possibility of furlough for employees subject to compulsory social insurance have opened up room for …


Press releaseSkills shortage poses a challenge to Mittelstand enterprises in the manufacturing sector

The skills shortage will be the biggest challenge for companies in the manufacturing sector in the future. Digitalisation, competitive pressure, and the capacity to innovate follow on the list.


Frau blickt in einen Computer

Press releaseOnly every fifth family business led by a female boss

Just under 600,000 of the 3.2 million family businesses in Germany are run by women. This is about every fifth family business. Compared to the number of women in the workforce (46.7%), women-led family businesses are therefore significantly underrepresented.


Press releaseMarket-based approaches preferred in environmental policy

The majority of companies in the manufacturing sector are aware of the risks emanating from climate change. Accordingly, they consider aspects of climate protection in their business decisions: in a survey conducted by IfM Bonn in 2021, more than half of the company representatives stated that they …


Press releaseNUI regional ranking: Munich rural district remains at the top

For the third time running, the rural district of Munich takes the top spot in the NUI region ranking in 2020. The following ranks are held by the city of Leverkusen, the rural district of Miesbach, the city of Rosenheim, and the rural district of Starnberg.


Press releaseSuccessor wanted!

According to estimates by the IfM Bonn, around 190,000 companies will handover their business in the next five years because the owners are retiring from management due to age, illness or death. Almost half of the takeovers will occur in the business-related services sector and more than a quarter …