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Facts and figures | 2021 Development of start-up activities in districts and independent cities 2003-2019

Based on the business registration statistics, we examine the development of start-up activity in 401 districts and independent cities in Germany for the period from 2003 to 2019. At the current edge, an extremely heterogeneous picture emerges. The start-up intensity varies be-tween 23 and 127 start-ups per 10,000 persons of working age. Over the entire period, the average annual decline in start-up intensity was -4.3 %. About 40 % of the districts have devel-oped better than the average, and five districts even show a positive development on average for all years. The different developments have led to some considerable shifts in the ranking of the districts. The differences in regional start-up activity are also by no means stable over the period under review.

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Suprinovič, O.; Kranzusch, P.; Nielen, S.; Kay, R. (2021): Entwicklung der Existenzgründungen in den Kreisen und kreisfreien Städten 2003-2019, IfM-Daten und Fakten Nr. 25, Bonn.


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