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External publication | 2023 Analysing the bureaucratic burden in Germany – How can a noticeable reduc-tion in bureaucracy be achieved?

This study analyses the current bureaucratic burden on companies from a holistic, process-oriented (model) perspective – the so-called regulatory cycle. On the basis of a quantitative enterprise survey, an international comparison and a literature analysis, a phase-oriented, holistic action plan for a noticeable reduction of the bureaucratic burden is developed.

According to the results, companies perceive a significant increase in the bureaucratic burden, with psy-chological costs, opportunity costs and indirect follow-up costs also being highly relevant. Bu-reaucracy reduction and regulation in Germany should therefore be thought more holistically, strategically and in terms of a paradigm shift – away from the idea of control and towards more practicality, meaningfulness and proportionality of regulatory norms.

Holz, M.; Icks, A.; Nielen, S. (2023): Analyse zur Bürokratiebelastung in Deutschland – Wie kann ein spürbarer Bürokratieabbau erreicht werden?, im Auftrag der Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM), Bonn.


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