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External publication | 2020 Entrepreneurship and social market economy - (not) a contradiction?!

How much of a model is entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley? Is this entrepreneurship (still) in the sense of the social market economy - and thus desirable for Germany? The author examines these questions in her article based on a brief outline of the history of entrepreneurship and some thoughts on the present and future role of entrepreneurship in the social market economy.  

Welter, F. (2020): Unternehmertum und Soziale Marktwirtschaft – (k)ein Gegensatz?! in: Nass, E.; Müller, C.; Zabel, J. (Hrsg.): Soziale Marktwirtschaft – Ordnung der Zukunft, Veröffentlichungen der Joseph-Höffner-Gesellschaft, Nr. 9, S. 107-119.



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