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External publication | 2016 Keeping It in The Family: Financial Rewards in Family Firms

Income in entrepreneurial families is characterized by uncertainty regarding the amount and timing of income. In addition, they can be attributed to both the business and the family and cannot be fully recorded, as they include both cash assets and the goods and services that are consumed. Finally, income in entrepreneurial families is also difficult to capture, as family and business budgets are usually closely related and are not usually understood as separate entities. This paper examines the income and factors that characterize entrepreneurial families and family businesses.

Carter, S.; Welter, F. (2016): Keeping It in The Family: Financial Rewards in Family Firms, in: Randerson, K.; Bettinelli, C.; Dossena, G.; Fayolle, A. (Hrsg.): Family entrepreneurship: rethinking the research agenda, London, S. 131-147.



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