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IfM-Materialien | 2023 Adapting to climate change: Exploring the specific challenges for SMEs

We investigate whether and how businesses perceive and adapt to climate change. Our survey results suggest that most German enterprises are aware of climate change and its consequences. The perception of climate risks is less driven by business size than by experience. There is a wider gap between SMEs and large enterprises regarding implementing adaptation measures. Lacking financial resources and the prioritization of other current challenges constitute hurdles to further adaptation.

Schlepphorst, S.; Rieger-Fels, M.; Dienes, C.; Holz, M.; Wolter, H.-J. (2023): Anpassung an den Klimawandel: Spezifische Herausforderungen für KMU, in: IfM Bonn, IfM-Materialien Nr. 297, Bonn.


Dr. Susanne Schlepphorst
Tel. +49 228 7299766

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Dr. Markus Rieger-Fels
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Michael Holz
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Dr. Christian Dienes
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Hans-Jürgen Wolter
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