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IfM-Materialien | 2021 Business resilience: Influencing factors in the corona pandemic

This study develops a resilience model for companies based on a literature review. Based on this, we identify influencing factors and mechanisms relevant to coping with the Corona pandemic using case studies. It shows that resilience is context-dependent. On the one hand, it depends on the preconditions of company, the possibilities to act and the use of these possibilities. On the other hand, resilience arises in the tension between robustness and vulnerability factors at the personal, company-related and environment-related levels. Every company has its resilience profile and thus faces individual challenges.

Brink, S; Löher, J.; Levering, B.; Icks, A. (2021): Resilienz von Unternehmen in der Corona-Pandemie, in: IfM Bonn, IfM-Materialien Nr. 289, Bonn.


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