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IfM-Materialien | 2007 The opportunity costs of social security for the self-employed in Germany: Simulation calculations for selected case groups

The decision of individuals to switch to self-employment depends on a variety of circumstances. Entrepreneurship research has identified a number of factors that favor a change from employment to self-employment. These include better earning opportunities in self-employment, the provision of human capital relevant to the start-up, access to sufficient start-up capital, the regional start-up climate, and socio-demographic and psychological aspects.

Faulenbach, N.; Kay, R.; Werner, A. (2007): Die Opportunitätskosten der sozialen Absicherung für Selbstständige in Deutschland: Simulationsrechnungen für ausgewählte Fallgruppen, in: IfM Bonn (Hrsg.): IfM-Materialien Nr. 177, Bonn.


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