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Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2022 The Prototyping Approach – A fresh look at the role of personality in entrepreneurial decision making

The Big Five personality model has been used repeatedly to explain entrepreneurial behaviour, and the traits extraversion and openness to experience have been shown to positively affect self-employment. However, this literature has largely ignored the interplay of the five traits, which is studied in psychological research as part of the person-centred prototyping approach to examining an individual's personality. This article therefore discusses two recent papers that are bridging the gap between psychology and the entrepreneurship and small business literature, by employing the prototyping approach.

Runst, P.; Thomä, J. (2022): Der Prototypenansatz – ein neuer Blick auf die Rolle von Persönlichkeit für unternehmerisches Handeln, in: Förderkreis Gründungsforschung e.V. und IfM Bonn: Policy Brief 4/22, Bonn.