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Prevention and intervention to protect against discrimination in working life

Client: Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency - Prevention and Intervention to Protect against Discrimination in Working Life

Cooperation Partner: Pro Diversity

In 2006, the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) came into effect. That meant the creation of the legal framework for largely uniform protection against discrimination in Germany. In the same year, with the establishment of the so-called "Diversity Charter", the issue of diversity became more important in the economy and society. Nevertheless, for example, surveys on behalf of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency show that discrimination is often reported, particularly in working life.

The aim of our study is to find out whether, to what extent and in which ways employers in companies, organizations and administrations have implemented measures to protect against discrimination and personnel diversity in their organizational structures promote since 2006.

In order to better identify and assess the current challenges, success factors and implementation barriers, both expert interviews and discussions with entrepreneurs and managing directors are held.

Project duration: March 2020 to August 2021

Contact person: Dr. Annette Icks