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Press release More startups in agriculture, forestry and in the liberal professions, fewer in the commercial sector

IfM Bonn expects stable to slightly declining startup numbers in 2024

2024. More entrepreneurs started in agriculture and forestry (+4.5 %) as well as in the liberal professions (+1.7 %) last year in Germany compared to 2022. In contrast, startups in the commercial sector decreased by an estimated 5%. Due to recording errors in the trade offices, no exact number is available for commercial startups.

The structural transformation continues

The development in the five-year period from 2019 to 2023 shows that the structure of the activity areas continues to shift in favor of non-commercial activities: While the respective shares of all startups in the liberal professions and in agriculture and forestry are rising, the share of business owners decreased to below 70 %.

Due to economic and political uncertainties as well as the previously subdued demand from households and abroad the IfM does not expect a significant increase in startups for 2024.

The researchers at IfM Bonn regularly compile statistics on startups and business closures in Germany based on business registration and deregistration data from the Federal Statistical Office and analyses by the state tax authorities. Non-relevant reporting events for startups and closures such as changes in legal form are excluded from the business registration data.