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IfM-Materialien | 2022 Digitisation processes of SMEs in the manufacturing sector – follow-up survey

Based on a follow-up survey, this study examines the level of digitalisation among manufacturing companies since 2016. Our results show that the importance of digitalisation has increased significantly over the past five years. Around half of the companies surveyed still see the vast potential for digitalisation. Digital networking - within and across companies - continues to be motivated by the opportunities for cost savings, while the associated high organisational costs discourage companies from digital networking. In contrast, companies’ actual progress toward the digital factory is relatively low. The companies see securing a qualified workforce as a critical future challenge for digitalisation.

Löher, J.; Brink, S.; Becker, F.; Icks, A.; Schneck, S.; Schröder, C. (2022): Digitalisierungsprozesse von KMU im Verarbeitenden Gewerbe - Folgebefragung, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 291, Bonn.


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