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Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2020 Foundation processes and the effect of crises

Crises have an accelerating effect on foundation processes. This is proven by the analysis of start-ups during the financial crisis of 2007/09 and could also apply in the Corona Pandemic. However, the duration of the start-up process is also determined by the degree of innovation, the industry as well as the country in which the start-ups was founded.

Herrmann, A.; Löher, J.; Bijedić, T.; Nielen, S.; Schlömer-Laufen, N. (2020): Gründungsprozesse und der Einfluss von Krisen; in: Welter, F.; Block, J. (Hrsg.): Unternehmertum im Fokus, Ausgabe 02/20, Bonn.


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