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External publication | 2024 Do we need a legal form "Gesellschaft mit gebundenem Vermögen"?

There is currently a controversial debate in Germany about the proposal to introduce the GmbH form "Gesellschaft mit gebundenem Vermögen". In this article, the authors examine the positive effects that the initiators attribute to the planned legal form from an economic perspective. It turns out that this legal form is not advantageous for the majority of companies from an economically rational point of view - neither in connection with succession in the company nor with the founding of a new company. In addition, this legal form cannot serve as a signal for sustainable, purpose-oriented management. Furthermore, the authors doubt the necessity of such a new legal form, as the core elements (asset lock as well as the retention of company shares in the so-called "capabilities and values family") of the proposal can be realized almost in full in any legal form and the interest of firms in the legal form is likely to be limited.

Schlömer-Laufen, N.; Reiff, A.; Kay, R. (2023): Braucht es eine Gesellschaft mit gebundenem Vermögen?, Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, Band 24, Heft 4, 2023, S. 408-413.



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