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Policy Brief "Entrepreneurship in Focus"

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Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2020
Foundation processes and the effect of crises

Crises have an accelerating effect on foundation processes. This is proven by the analysis of start-ups during the financial crisis of 2007/09 and could also apply in the Corona Pandemic.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2020
What makes the Hidden Champions so successful?

Internationalisation and R&D activities characterise Hidden Champions.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2019
Why the start-up culture in Silicon Valley is different

Looking at the influence of the start-up environment - independent of individual entrepreneurial activity - it can be seen that the environment in Germany promotes incremental-innovative start-ups.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2018
Innovation is more than research and development

Innovations without R&D are widespread in medium-sized companies. Beyond R&D, the focus of innovation activity is primarily on the development of incremental innovations.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2018
Business model innovations in family businesses

Innovative business models are just as important for the success of a company as new products and technologies.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2017
Heterogeneity of SME financing in Europe

The middle class and its financing is a topic of high relevance. However, there is little empirical evidence on this topic at European level.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2017
Social networks as reputation risk

With the advent of social media, employees today can directly influence the reputation of their employer.

Policy Brief "Unternehmertum im Fokus" | 2016
Start-ups pose new challenges for SME policy

Currently, start-ups in general are receiving a lot of attention. However, many of these start-ups do not consider themselves to be SMEs, even if they meet the criteria of the definition of SMEs.